Web Sponsorship Skins at The Weather Network


Sponsorship Skins at The Weather Network | theweathernetwork.com

The Weather Network 2011-2012

Description: These are just a small collection of advertising sponsorship skins I created in house at The Weather Network.  Ad units and background skins were both created to be integrated and compliment each other for home page, city page forecast takeovers.

Process: Creative design and integration.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS

PortfolioScreens_Web_TWN_Brita PortfolioScreens_Web_TWN_Simplex PortfolioScreens_Web_TWN_globalgreen PortfolioScreens_Web_TWN_Quaker PortfolioScreens_Web_TWN_miltontoyota PortfolioScreens_Web_TWN_JohnstonChrystler PortfolioScreens_Web_TWN_frizzease