The Ring Bearer


The Ring, an online wedding magazine. 2010

Description: The Ring Bearer is an online wedding magazine and social network for brides and members of the wedding industry. Here are a collection of articles, media, ads, and microsites I designed, built and published for in various sections of the magazine.

Process: Designs, HTML, CSS, in a CMS environment.

Tools: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WYSIWYG editor, HTML/CSS handcode.

Click to view a few of the published articles:
Inspiration: The Great Gatsby
Take The Cake
Purple Inspirations for Fall Weddings
A Little Birdie Told Me: Bird Cage Veils
The Clutch Bar
The Bride Wears Red
Short and Chic Wedding Gowns
Splash of Colour
Real Proposals
Last Minute FIxes For Your Beauty Emergency
Decoding The Dresscode
Fabulous Fall Weddings in Canada



Nisha Chandra Design & Decor |

(some design changes were made from original design and build eg. header) 2010

Description: Nisha Chandra Design and Decor was a microsite powered by The Ring Bearer.  The site’s purpose was to showcase her event designs while evoking a look and feel that best represents this decor designer. This project was a complete re-branding for the designer with business cards, letterheads, and full design blog.

Process: Logo Design, business cards, letterheads, wireframes, 2 design options, HTML build.

Tools: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator.

PortfolioScreens_Web_NCEvents03 PortfolioScreens_Web_NCEvents01 PortfolioScreens_Web_NCEvents02




Desi Diva 2010

Description: The Desi Diva Event was an appreciation event for the TRB subscribers. This exclusive party showcased the different vendors that advertise or contribute to their website. This microsite was developed to promote the particular event.

Process: Design, HTML build.

Tools: Photoshop, Dreamweaver.


The Kleinfeld Experience

Couples Contest

This page was developed inside the website to promote the partnered contest with the wedding dress boutique, Kliendfeld (from the show Say Yes to the Dress).